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Isle Poker

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Poker at Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park


Official results from the tournament are listed below: Official results from the afternoon tournament are listed below: The satellite is structured with 16, unit starting stacks, and levels that last 20 minutes registration open through Level 8. Official results will be posted as each pay jump is reached throughout the afternoon into eveningcontinuing through the final table, and conclusion of the event.

The tournament is structured with 14, unit starting stacks, and levels that last 20 minutes. The final five would be battling it out for some healthy payouts, but there would be no deal-making until heads-up play was reached, with Erik Christensen Miami, FL and Zachary Milchman Boca Raton, FL chopping up the top two prizes.

Day 2 action begins at The bagging process would begin just before midnight, with tournament regular Vito Polera packing away the Flight 1F chip leadRegistration is open through Level 8, allowing close to three hours for players to join the action. The high hands will then transition from Posted by pragmattic at 7: After eight levels of open registration, the sixth flight of the tournament closed with a total of entries, of which 14 would "reach the money," and 9 would bag chips for Day 2.

The structure sees players sitting down to starting stacks of 14, units, levels that last 20 minutes in length, and the return of add-ons. That will then be the amount players earn for every "post registration" elimination.

Registration is open through Level 8, and is a crucial point in the event, because it will determine how much the bounties are worth.

The tournament is structured with 12, unit starting stacks, levels that last 20 minutes, and registration that is open through Level 8. Thursday, September 13, Thursday, September 13th: The payouts for those that use one card are different than the standard numbers listed above, and can be found full listing of one-card payouts on flyers in the poker room.

Results for that tournament will be updated here on the blog, shortly after the poker room opens at 9: After just over three hours of play, the Event 9 would be on the money bubble, with Joe Boulais knocking out Ryan Gianquitti on the first hand of hand-for-hand play.

Raj Vohra Lake Worth, FLwho was down to just 19, chips earlier in the day, had a dream final table run.

The tournament is structured with 15, unit starting stacks, and levels that last 30 minutes registration open through Level 8.

Registration for the tournament closes at the end of Level 8.

On each Day 1, Posted by pragmattic at 3: As the field got closer to reached the final table, we saw numerous notables add a deep Isle Poker tournament run to their resumes. The payouts for those that use one card are different than the standard numbers listed above, and can be found full listing of one-card payouts on flyers in the poker room. Full results from Event 10 are posted below: The tournament is structured with 12, unit starting stacks, and levels that last 20 minutes.

Official results from the chop are listed below: The action started off pretty quick, as Preecha Taepakdee eliminated Barton Taylor 25th place on the second hand of the day, flopping bottom set against top pair. He had a great run of cards, and when other players were all-in The standard high hand promotion begins at The final table results are listed below, with official event results to be posted later this afternoon: The final table would be all about one player, who ended up eliminating seven of nine players, on his way to the title.

After Raj won the trophy, he was even shocked with the great run he had, as things just fell his way all evening.

Play will resume with The evening time slot 6: Lauderdale, FL agreed to a deal, with the former receiving first place honors and first place money. Six players were scheduled to reach the money, with players agreeing to a deal when action was three-handed.

Everything was working for Raj, who even continued the run good during heads-up play. On the final hand of the tournament, both players turned trip fours, but Vohra held the stronger kicker.

Matthew Bretzfield is once again atop the leaderboard, and with his recent tournament success, would have to be a favorite to make another deep run. Posted by pragmattic at 8: Jeffrey Oldakowski Pompano Beach, FL would take home first place money in the deal, with the full results listed below: Even though he started with a massive chip lead against Joe Boulais, Raj knew that one double up would bring Boulais right back into things.

Tuesday, September 11, Tuesday, September 11th: Erik held the chip lead at the time of the deal, and would be awarded first place money, along with the top spot in the official results which are posted below: Posted by pragmattic at Registration is open through Level 8, with this same structure being introduced last week, and players raving about the deep play offered.

Official payouts from the event have not yet been released, but will be posted here on the blog the moment they are available. It should also be noted that players are able to win the high hand using only one card in their hand. David "Coldstone" Inselberg will start Day 2 play with the overall chip lead, but has a handful of players that are just one big pot away from surpassing his number Tracy Scala, Vito Polera, Erik Christensen.

Posted by pragmattic at 9: Village of Golf, FL. He was almostchips clear of Preecha Taepakdee, whose second largest Flight 1F stack wasIt just so happened that Dean Schultz would get knocked out on the same hand, meaning the two players would split the min-cash.

The standard high hands begin at Raj would have it Full rules and payouts are posted on the blog. In addition to the "standard" high hands, from 6: Any player that makes quads or better, will receive entry in the tournament just listed.

Following the Seniors Championship is Event 12, which gets underway at 2: After that, it took an hour to lose just four more players, with the final two tables reached after ninety-minutes of play.

Two spots would be paid, with no deal-making happening, as Steve Valera bested Zhao Endong during heads-up play.

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