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Excel Poker

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Poker Odds Hand Strength Calculator Excel Sheet


Vlookup Macro to Return All Matching Results and Stack them with Previous Results - This is very similar to the other Vlookup type Macro in that it returns all of the results that match a particular se. This is the player style you should be ultimately striving towards.

Apply any finishing touches and write down any noteworthy changes to your range you need to remember in-game. For instance, if I make a very simple spreadsheet such as: Suited kings and queens What about Q9s and K9s? After reading, you should do this task yourself and modify the ranges to suit your style of play, the games you play and your skill level. I would put both of these hand types in the same bracket as the unsuited Broadway KJo — open them if I have a good reason, fold otherwise.

A7o, 54s, 72o — not sure what happened there.

There is a reason loose aggressive players are the biggest winners when played correctly. Any ideas of why we are unable to make a copy of this worksheet within the same workbook or to another workbook?

Good luck at the tables! My final result is to have another cell F1 use the Concatenate formula to have the Start and Stop time shown in one cell as " Getting Started in Excel Course. If he use another 5 days in July the remain balance of 5 days be automatically entered in the tab from Aug to Dec. Sb steals; most of whom are few and far between.

What function do you recommend using? There is about 20 staffs in our department and I have made a spreadsheet with 12 tabs for each month of the year Jan-Dec.

I am trying to make it easier to the eye so when you are working on a large spreadsheet it is immediatly apparent where you are to avoid squinting. I saw two threads in this forum that asked this question, with no good answer.

Why use spreadsheets?

When I print it, it still shows the negative value. One thing to note about my button opening range is that it is quite wide.

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To find out more see the earlier blog post: This free spreadsheet helps you manage your home game. The next time you want to work something out using numbers, try doing it in Excel or whatever spreadsheet app you prefer.

You can make blank cells empty by selecting them and pressing the delete key, but I need a fast way to do this on all blank cells in a large worksheet. Introduction to Programming Macros in Excel Course.

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EV equations would be a good place to start. Specifically, it does a couple of things: I have always felt that these hands are profitable to open from UTG because they play very well — when you hit an ace high board you can often pot-control and if you hit your straight or flush you can win a big pot. Flopzilla also has an equity calculator by the same developer which links directly up with Flopzilla very handy. Numbers - Snazzy spreadsheet offering from Apple.

I have researched this in the board and found many excellent ways to do the opposite, but not convert Time format to Text format. Firstly, although excel will work for all data collection, accumilation, and parsing, I think it would be daft to do it this way.

Log in to post comments or Register. Flopzilla is a tool which allows you to create and store ranges really handy for this exercise. Hence, it seems the suited connectors are not as profitable as I originally thought from UTG; so we will need to adjust our strategy and open less of the medium suited connectors. So we need to repeat these four steps for each position.

If you play 9 max games, these fullring ranges from upswing may come in use. Specifically, it does a couple of things:.

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Building these ranges would be a great exercise for someone who is just starting out. Home Poker Spreadsheet This free spreadsheet helps you manage your home game. Weak unsuited broadways KJo in database — marginally winning Medium suited connectors losing in the chart above Hands such as J9s-K9s.

It allows me to see the strategy. Perfect for simpler jobs, but lacks the more complex functionality of the downloadable apps above.

Just anything that might help explain any kind of poker concept that involves numbers. Use the excel sheet provided to determine what hands are profitable and use that to change your ranges.

The hands I was unsure of when constructing this range was the lower end of the medium suited connectors, KJo and J9s. So now it is not open a hand if we can profitably open i.

Of course, you can make the column wider or turn on text wrapping, but you might not want to. Your cells will now not spill over either horizontally or vertically. Flopzilla can also be used to display ranges in the same way, but unfortunately, it cannot save them.

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That there are no hidden worksheets 3. All pocket pairs are pretty standard to open. Results by hand, hand vs hand comparisons, positional queries. For instance when you are looking at your spreadsheet you can see the active cell has a thin black border around it.

Sub test Name "C: I automating a task at work that will save some time. Notes and adjustments UTG opening ranges summary important points to remember: Seems simple enough but for some reason the code I have to cause IE to wait unil ready doesnt seem to work in all cases. To look a little bit more in-depth we should break the hands down into the debatable areas for UTG that we discussed: Be careful now, because parts of your data may be hidden.

Working on evaluating winning hands and seems very time consuming. Charts - See the results. I for one really appreciate them! Thank you for the support!

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