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Bravo Live Poker

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Poker Night in America


Thanks for expert thoughts.

Important debate focused on precise language for H4H Procedures, appropriate rulings for a series of undercalls, time limits for disputing a showdown, invalid bet declarations, and handling bets placed on top of prior bet chips not yet pulled in.

I have tried a Bravo1 FS 21 pitch and it gets on plane real good but at times I noticed rpm.

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This occurs by myself at WOT. Any participants residing outside the United States must all provide a second form of identification that includes a residential address.

OLD guy but still a rookie!!!

The trick is to decide which 4-blade to go with. Currently running 22 pitch bravo1 FS prop.

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Season 3 Ep Planning on a kicker so thinking bravo 1 LT The best prop for his rig is the I want to get more lift, and holeshot for Lake Erie. I am wondering if you can help me out with the used boat I just bought.

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Thanks for the help. Scott I am running: The Torque setting with that Cone tab inside the Hub, install with that is L: Send a private message to michelle My last couple boats I had a Rev 4 on one and a Brave Fs on one.

Tamra teaches an exercise class and introduces her new friend Ginaa recent transplant from Long Island, to the ladies. I am currently running a 21 Bravo FS on my Ranger d.

I can lower two holes yet. Planing will greatly improve because of the lower pitch and the longer flared barrel. These are typical fees used in the payment processing industry for online transactions of this nature, by the vendors and providers of these services.

If you stayed with the FS going up one inch could offer 1. Good handling once on plane. Not for sure yetbut it seems to be quieter at cruising speed with the longer tube.

Other issues introduced in the busy morning session included: Lifting the stern pushes the bow down. Currently I am running a Bravo1 FS prop 22 pitch. Any help that you can give is greatly appreciated.

What would you suggest? Running the 21 Bravo I LT, the engine could pick up to rpm.

Participants can register for and activate a Total Rewards Account at http: Any ideas that will not suffer at the top end. Giannis, The comments are for a single engine outboard set up.

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Any input would be greatly appreciated. I appreciate your thoughts on the best propeller choice. Speed and rpm should pick up.

Despite the strained relations, the ladies ditch the city for a private island and some fun in the sun. I have not had a chance to get my hands on my old 22p Bravo from my old but the std 24 I have is just a tad talL could use approx more rpm.

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It is close just not quite where I would like it to be. WOT is only rpm trimmed out with with a top speed of 62 What 4 blade prop and pitch would be best for me, for rough water, and for mid range snap, without sacrificing top end? We are looking to get an extra prop from Mercury Racing.

More pitch — more speed. Pitch for pitch — the Bravo props will run a little higher rpm compared to the 3-blade. Rough water ride is not great in small waves and feels like prop struggles to hold boat from falling between short waves.

I shoot out of the hole and run about 55mph at 6, rpm wot. The Mercury Technical rep tested with Warrior last fall and the LT was the best, right out of the box.

The LT would be the direction to go. My question to you is should I raise the engine one hole and start over testing props?

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Does this figure to be a 21P or? Scott, I am running a Verado on a Ranger Reata.

Next, trim the engine down — placing the level on the AV plate anti-ventilation plate. If your interested in the LT, these props run pitch for pitch and the price is a little less than the XS.

The Cheerleading competition and Bowling tournaments stand out to me as you get a lot of inexperienced "home game dads" that are there to just splash around on their stay. I am running a ranger with a windshield and a hp Verado and a 21p Bravo FS.

It never hit rev limiter but know my engine says rpm max.

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